Do you really need to install an Antivirus on your Windows 10 operating system? If you are asking this to your conscience mind then you are right page to clear your doubt. Microsoft’s latest operating system: Windows 10 have gained a lot of success in the year 2020. This version of Windows is far more refined and loaded with new features and productive tools. But still, as we all know to deter cyber attacks on our system and to keep online privacy intact we must have reliable protection software for our device.

Windows 10 comes with a Windows Defender; this is inbuilt protection software developed in-house by Microsoft to provide a basic layer of protection if you do not have any Antivirus installed on your system. But do you this it is sufficient to deter all sorts of malware, spyware, ransomware, and what not to keep your private information safe? here is the answer; No, it is not that efficient to make elude all attacks that could corrupt or permanently delete your vital data from your system. That is why you need to have concern over the security of your system’s data. I am going to share what is best-awarded Antivirus software for your Windows 10 operating system. Which includes both paid and free versions of the same software. Usually, paid versions to have better support when you are in a rut.

Some of the most lethal viruses of all time:

  • Cryptolocker
  • PlugX
  • Stuxnet
  • Zeus Gameover
  • Mydoom
  • CodeRed
  • Melissa
  • Nimba
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Which is the Best Antivirus Software for Windows 10?

What I am going to recommend here is Bitdefender Antivirus Total Security and this is not a persuasive recommendation. This has the capability to make your bucks worth the purchase. With outstanding performance in lab tests, Bitdefender made a clear cut win. This is an excellent choice by security experts. It provides all basic protection that any paid Antivirus have in the market place. Even it goes beyond and allows you to manage and secure your passwords, web page surfing, online transactions, ransomware protection, and VPN.

Bitdefender provides many more features and tools for a secured environment at almost the same price tag as other competitors like Kaspersky, Webroot, TrendMicro, etc. The dashboard of Bitdefender is pretty simple and easy to understand. Bitdefender provides three types of software versions to choose from. Every version has different features in its palette. You can buy one of them for a single user or multiple devices. I have shared the window snip of the prices taken from my pc.

I recommend the Bitdefender Total Security version of this Antivirus because it includes and loaded with features that will eventually make you fully protected from cyber attacks on your system. There are several features that I want to put some light on. These features allow you to be pro and give you the reassurance that your data is secured and protected.