Here in this article, I am going to share some of the best and top-performing smartphones available in the market right now. To get acquainted with the list you just have to read this article and this will inform you about what are the best smartphones that you could buy right now in the year 2021. The list includes all the prominent smartphone manufacturers as well all platforms like; Android, iOS, etc. As a smartphone user, I know that nowadays it is very difficult to choose from the various options available. I suggest you make your requirements clear before purchasing a smartphone. This will help you to get the best deal.

People always ask which smartphone is best and which should they buy. But I always tell them it all depends upon your requirements and how you will use them. Some people are more tech-savvy and they perform geeky stuff on their smartphone devices while some only use them for just basic functions like call, SMS, Whatsapp, and Facebook. So, the moral of the story is that it all depends upon the user what they need. This article has covered different segments of the smartphone to give you detailed exposer according to your needs. Now let’s get started with the list of the best smartphones of 2021

List of Best Smartphones in 2021

I want to inform you that the list is researched and developed by a team of experts. This list is just for the purpose of reference. We do not sponsor any of these products. You are free to choose and pick any smartphone you want.

Google Pixel 5

Google smartphones are the game-changer in the Android phone market because Google owns the Android operating system software. This allows Google to make their Android smartphones more embedded in the Android environment to offer a better user experience. Although specs provided into Google Pixel 5 is very efficient. This device runs on the latest Android operating system and always a priority for the latest Google Android updates. Snapdragon 765G allows this device to perform very well under multitasking and high computing software like games and video editing software. The rear camera is 16 MP + 12.2 MP and on the front side Pixel, 5 has 8 MP which I think is decent. You could grab this Pixel 5 at $600 from an online store. For more and the latest changes in the Pixel 5, I suggest you visit Google Pixel 5 webpage.

iPhone 12 mini

Apple is far ahead of its competition in the segment of innovation and new technologies in smartphones. Apple always makes sure that their smartphones are the best in the class and there is no other smartphone to compare with. I personally think Apple is the best company if you want to buy a new smartphone. iPhone is always known for the security and privacy they provide to their user and data stored in the device. I think that is the most important point to buy this smartphone. This device comes with storage options of 64GB/128GB/256GB. The front camera allows you to capture the image with 12 MP and the rear includes 12MP+12MP. The best thing about Apple smartphones is that they always allow all their smartphones to install the latest version of the operating system. For more detailed information on the iPhone and other Apple devices, I suggest you visit the Apple iPhone webpage.

I hope this article able to assist you with information best smartphones in the year 2021. This list will keep updating with the latest launches with the companies, so I suggest you bookmark this webpage for further latest updates and news on this topic.