In this article, I am going to share information on how to fix a slow internet connection on Windows 10. The steps are simple and easy to resolve this issue on Windows operating system. If you are using another version of Microsoft Windows like; Windows 8 or Windows 7 then there will be a slight difference between the steps but still, you can give it a try. I am going to cover each and every aspect and find out what is the reason behind your slow internet connection.

Slow internet connection is a common problem and in most cases, it could be fixed within minutes. However, there are always exceptions in which hardware is the cause of slow internet problems. But don’t worry we are going to check all the possible reasons for the slow internet connection on your Windows PC. But first, you have to determine the plan that you have opt-in. You must aware of the internet connection speed that is promised by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Now let’s check all the possible points to fix the slow internet speed issue.

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Fix Slow Internet Connection on Windows 10

The following are the steps to fix the slow internet connection issue on Windows 10 PC. I recommend you do not skip any of the steps and follow all as given below. You can perform these steps on your Windows 10 desktop pc or laptop. The version of the Windows 10 is not a concern.

  1. Cables: The first and foremost task that you have to do is to check all the physical cable connection which are going to your Windows PC and router. In most of the issue of the case is resolved jut by plugging the cable again. This is a simple and easy tweak to perform on your own. So get up right now and check all the cable connections for any physical damage.
  2. Updates: Windows operating system has automatically enabled automatic Windows updates which sometimes causes the high usage of internet speed. So, you should check the updates panel on Windows to confirm if any updates are downloading in the background. To check the Windows 10 updates just follow the below-given steps:
    • Click on the Start button or Windows icon given on the most left of your desktop computer.
    • Now click on the “Settings” tab given in the most left bottom corner of your Windows 10 desktop.

Windows 10 update option in settings

  • As you can see in the image given above there is an option of “Update & Security: I have highlighted it with a red underline. Click on the option.

How to check Windows 10 updates

  • Now in the above-given image as you see that Windows is already updated with the latest updates and there are no updates are downloading or installing. So this means that Windows 10 updates are not the reason for my slow internet speed. Now we can check to move towards the second point and check it.
  1. Disconnect: It depends upon which mode you are using to connect your device with the internet. If you are using an ethernet cable or in simple words wire with a pin then you are allowed to have exact same speed as promised by the internet service provider. But if you are using a wireless connection such as a WiFi router then that might be the concern. Because WiFi signals lose strength while they are transmitted from the router to your device. So make sure that if you are using the wireless internet connection on your device then there is probably that your connected device is not able to get full signal strength. If you want to try to fix it I suggest you just restart your connected device and as well as your router. Once the router gets back then connect again.
  2. Malware: Myself as a Windows user I know that there is a lot of malware wandering on the internet and might affect how your Windows acts. Sometimes, malware is focused to use a backdoor by hackers to use your computer resources such as CPU power and internet speed to process faulty software or do data mining. This is a serious concern and I think you must contact the team to check and resolve the issue. In most cases the simple solution to always have a prominent Anti-virus in your Windows 10 PC that will protect your data and in worst cases at least inform you about the attack or such unauthorized activity.
  3. Router Settings: If you are using the wireless internet connection on your connected device then I recommend you to check the router configuration and for the latest firmware updates. In most cases, routers are outdated and running on the older firmware which eventually results in slow internet speed. If you do not what is the right configuration for your router then I suggest you contact the team and they can help you to check what is the concern. Contact the Team.

So above all the possible issues that might be causing the slow internet connection problem on your Windows. If you are still facing the same issue or want someone to fix it for you then I suggest you contact the team and provide your contact details in the comment section below. Then it could be resolved for you.