As we all know Windows 10 are less reliable than Mac computers. you could easily lose your vital data due to a hardware crash or technical issues as well. Now, it is very important to make sure we have a copy of our full Windows 10 system including media, system files, and customizations. Every Windows PC needs segregated drive space to install and run software from. So, you have to make sure that backup includes all files and folders in exact same way.

You could lose your data if your laptop is damaged by accident or stolen in case. There is another possibility that any cyber attack could erase or corrupt your vital data and leave you with a loose end. Now, let’s get started and make a checklist of what needs to be included in the backup. Well, I could say it’s easy to reinstall Windows 10 operating system on your system in case the hard drive fails but it is almost impossible to get your personal data stored on the hard drive back. So first and foremost you need to make sure your vital data is not eluded from backup. Your personal pictures, videos, official files, and documents should be included in the backup file. Now it all depends upon you that do you want to take the full backup which includes customization in the operating system or just general backup which only includes configuration and personal data.

Steps to Take Windows 10 Backup

Actually, there are several ways to accomplish these tasks and take a backup of your files and folders. I am going to discuss all the possible ways to take backup. You could choose whatever method you like to follow.

Taking Windows 10 Backup using External Drive:

If you want to take your Windows 10 backup using an external drive then it is a simple and easy task to perform. You just need to use the inbuilt features in Microsoft Windows to accomplish this task. You need to use the backup tool in Windows and connect your external drive to your computer system. The backup iso image will be created on your external disk with which you can restore the backup easily. The best part about this type of Windows 10 backup method is that it is conventional and inexpensive. But there is always the other side of the coin, which means regarded to this concern, your external drive could easily be stolen, misplaced, damaged. This does not mean something like this should happen to your external drive but there is always a possibility.

Online Windows 10 Backup:

This is the second method to take a backup of your Windows 10 computer system. Please make sure these given steps might vary from company to company and primitive versions of Windows. You could use various cloud storage services available like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. The best part about online backup services is that you could put back up on automatic sync which will lead to zero data loss in any condition. This is the best method to store data and keep it protected. As I have already said there is always a con to the situation and here the con is cloud storage services are not free if there are some free they have data caps. How much data we can store on their servers.