In this article, I am going to share my own experience and how you could enable the SOS features to elude dangerous situations using your smartphone. Here I have included SOS functions in Android, iPhone, and even smartwatches. The latest smartphones are equipped with SOS features that save your life when you are in a certain kind of dangerous situation. Modern smartphones allow you to send your current and live location to your emergency contacts when you are not able to make a call or receive a call. You will find the SOS features in both Android and iOS-based platform devices. Some of the other smartphone manufacturers also include this feature but I am not going to add them in this article today.

SOS location tracking feature in the latest smartphones is very useful in certain situations where you are unable to touch your phone. This will send your live location to the contact phone numbers which are set by you as trusted contacts. Now, before getting started with the article that how these features work and how you could set them enabled in your smartphones. I would ask you to update your smartphone with the latest released by your respective manufacturer. Now let’s check how these features work.

How do SOS Features Works in Apple Devices?

Do you know that this SOS feature already exists in your Apple device and you do not have to anything extra to get this feature on your iPhone? But you have to enable the SOS feature and configure it to work at its best. Making an emergency call is one of the features of SOS but how it works depends upon the version of your iPhone. In the latest models of the iPhone, you have to long-press to enable this feature but if you older model then you just have to swipe right on the lock screen to enable the SOS feature in your iPhone. You could check the image below in which shown the previous way to enable the SOS.

Steps to Add an Emergency Contact in iPhone

In the following steps, I describe you would add a new contact into the SOS feature. Now the SOS feature will automatically call or send a notification to the contact determined by you when to activate the SOS feature in your smartphone. The contact will receive the notification and your current location.

Do you know that you could also set this feature in your Apple watch. You may be heard of the news a few months back in which Apple watch saved the life of the father as he accidentally fell from the cliff while trekking in the woods. He was wearing an Apple watch. The watch detected the sudden fall and stop of motion.

I hope you are able to get enough information from this article about the SIS feature for iPhone. In my next article, I am going to cover the same topic for Android devices. Till then bookmark this website and stay tuned with the latest articles associated with features like this.