The computer is consists of the main 8 parts. In general, computers are complex computing machines used in professional and research work. Their several parts required to assemble the computer and to make it running. The performance of the computer machine is directly affected by it’s installed components capability to complex tasks. You don’t need to get acquainted with technology to know how a computer works in general terms.

In this article, I am going to provide a list of computer components that are necessary to build a computer machine. There are several parts of the computer and I am going to explain the function of each and every part one by one. This article will help you to improve the current information on computer machines and it’s working structure.

Components of Computer System


First of all, we are going to discuss what motherboard is? and Why it is required? The motherboard is an important component that is required because all the other computer equipment will install on the frame. This is like the first component that you need to install on your computer. The motherboard is consists of circuits that transfer and share the information with other components inside the pc. There are number of motherboards available in the market you can purchase according to the demand of your tasks that you need to execute on this computer. The motherboard also stores information like time and date when the computer switched off.

Power Supply:

The power supply is the unite which provides specific power to certain parts of the pc. This is like a powerhouse in the computer that shares the power with all the components of the computer system. The power supplies are available in different Watts. You have to choose according to the processor and graphic card you are going to install in the system. Please note that this is not the battery as you found on laptops.

Central Processing Unit:

This is also called a CPU. This part of the computer is the brain of the system. All the calculations are performed by this component The more powerful CPU you have installed in your computer more speed of processing you will get. While CPU is working under full load it generates heat and temperature could go up to 100 degrees Celcius. A more powerful CPU is required by professional to do scientific research and video edition in 4k. It’s connection chips are of gold to transfer signals at the fastest possible speed. Gold is the best conductor of electricity.

Hard Disk or SSD

Hard Disk and SSD are two different components of the computer system but that performs the same task of data storage. Whereas Hard Disk built of metal disks to store data on them while on the other hand SSD are more fast and reliable than Hard Disks. The cost od both has a substantial difference because these are two different technologies. I always recommend you to use SSD over Hard Disk to gain better performance.

Video Card

This is also called a graphic card. This unit is dedicated to handling graphics of the computer system, that will provide a better user interface. They are their own dedicated RAM’s to perform several vital tasks to give you the best experience. Integrated graphics is sufficient for normal computing use and is less expensive than a dedicated card, but won’t work for intense editing jobs or high-end games. An alternative to a video card is integrated graphics, which occurs when the system borrows regular RAM for graphics processing. Typically integrated graphics are attached to the CPU, especially on laptops.

Input and Output Devices

These are devices like mouse and keyboard to enter information in the system. There are more few examples like monitor and printer. Monitor to show a graphic interface and how you are interacting with the machine. Whereas printer is used to take print outs making a soft text display on your screen into a hard physical copy of the same information. There are other devices that you can attach and use them according to several tasks. These devices are also called as peripheral devices.


RAM is also a type of storage unit but this unit is dedicated to the CPU. Every task performed by you in the computer system requires a dedicated memory where CPU can store its data and task logs. That memory should match the speed of the processing of the CPU. Hard Disk and SSD can not so, that’s why RAM is required. RAM only stores data that is required by the CPU to compute the task.