This is a long battle between these two platforms for decades, people get indecisive when they have two choose one platform. In the world majority of people use Windows operating systems as a daily driver to accomplish professional and personal computing tasks. But does it states that Windows is a better platform than Mac OS? Well, we will have a truce for this battle. Today, I am going to share some facts which clears the clouds and allow you to see what is the exact difference between both of them and which should you use.

Although, the choice of your platform tremendously depends upon why you have to use one. Your computing will guide you to the best platform available in the market today. No system is perfect and we have not achieved that reached that point of technology. But I will help you to make a better decision.

Facts about Mac OS vs Windows OS

1.Booting Speed

Both operating system are capable of fast loading speed. The booting speed or we can say loading speed of your laptop or pc also depends on several other factors like Booting disk, SSD, or HDD. RAM installed on your machine, Processor. However, SSD provides far better data transfer speed than HDD. I always recommend using SSF over HDD. There was a time when SSD’s where costly but nowadays you can buy a 120GB SSD just at $50. SSD technology could become a game-changer in terms of speed and performance of the overall system. So, the booting speed is almost the same if your laptop or PC has a good configuration.

2.Hardware and Peripheral options

There is no doubt about it that Windows has more range of compatible peripherals as compared to Mac OS. It also depends upon your requirements too. If you are not a heavy user of computing tools then you can moderate configuration laptop or pc. Apple has a substantial amount of peripheral options. It offers great computer hardware options with industrial; tools like 5k monitor and Mac book pro. However, Apple devices are more costly as compared to Windows.

3.Pre-installed Apps

Apple Mac os provides a lot of pre-installed apps in the system to make this system convenient for users. Whereas in Windows you need to install all the basic apps required to perform simple tasks. Windows is more like a blank canvas and it’s all upon you how you want to paint it. Some tools which are pre-installed on both systems are email mail clients, calendars, calculators, photo and video viewers, screenshot tools, voice recorders, and web browsers.

4.Third-Party Softwares

Both platforms support third-party tools but Windows is the winner in this case. Windows has substantial inventory of software to support as compared to Mac OS. As Windows has more users all over the world and this is obvious more software are compatible with this system. Both platforms have their own ecosystems to provide great productivity tools for all users. Some custom and professional applications are not compatible with Mac OS due to its protocols. Yes, it is true that Apple controls the protocols, and them are very strict with what software is allowed to run on Mac OS.


The Mac OS and Windows operating system allow all users to customize the user interface to make it more productive to them. But I could say Windows has far more customization ability as compared to Mac OS. I always prefer to use Windows as daily driver because it allows me to do anything I could with my Windows laptop. On the other side, Apple has put some restrictions on specific actions and software which are either paid or not allowed to be used without permission. So I don’t like the fact of not able to use the device to its the full limit for which I have paid a stack of money.