Nighthawk AC2100 Setup is easy and simple to perform. In this, article I am going to share some of the vital steps for the Nighthawk AC2100 Setup. We provide guided assistance to help you to set up and install the AC21oo router for the first time use.

There are different ways to set up this Nighthawk router, but here in this article, I am going to suggest you the best method to accomplish this task. We will use the Nighthawk app to set up the Nighthawk AC2100 router. You could easily use this app to monitor your Wi-Fi network through this app. The Nighthawk app allows you to run speed tests and manage Wi-Fi settings to get the best performance from the device.

If your product is not supported then I suggest you contact the support team through chat or call.

Nighthawk AC2100 Router Setup

The following steps will guide you to install and set up an AC2100 router for first-time use. So, these steps are based on the Nighthawk app because we are going to set up the Nighthawk AC2100 router using this app. So, let’s get started and check all the steps.

  1. The first, step is to DOWNLOAD the Nighthawk App
  2. Note: if you face any issue in downloading then contact the support team.
  3. Once the Nighthawk app is downloaded now attach the antennas which came among the AC2100 router.
  4. Connect your modem to the internet.
  5. Switch on the power supply button.
  6. Now, wait for a few seconds for the Wi-Fi LED light.
  7. Once the light starts blinking now enter the username and password by visiting the default IP address given on the backend.
  8. Username is also known as SSID and password also known as a security key.
  9. Now, on your device go to Wi-Fi settings and search for the default Wi-Fi name of your Nighthawk AC2100 router.
  10. Connect your device to is using the default password given at the backside of your router.
  11. Now launch the Nighthawk App and configure your Nighthawk AC2100 router.

I hope you are now able to set up the Nighthawk AC2100 router using the Nighthawk app. If you are still facing download or setup then I suggest you contact the support team in the chatbox given at the bottom right of your screen. Thanks