There are several factors that come into consideration when you are running a slow Wi-Fi speed. I am going to discuss all possible ways to improve your current Wi-Fi speed. There are some tips and tricks that will help you to improve the current performance of your router. Slow Wi-Fi connection chores into plodding tasks and waste your time. And this will reduce your productivity at work by half. Latest computers, laptops, smartphones, and now even watches need a constant internet connection to produce optimum output and productivity at work and home.

Technology has sunk to your daily life habits and we can not even imagine our days without it. To make the best use of these “Internet of Things” we must have a stable internet connection for all. As miniaturization has taken place in the latest gadgets and devices, which make our life easy and efficient. I am here in the following article will explain the methodologies to improve your router’s Wi-Fi speed.

How to improve router speed?

Now here comes two things on which we have to focus. First, we need to figure out is it a router issue or the slow speed of the internet connection. We need to perform an internet speed test to segregate the concern so that we act accordingly. Go to and check your current download and upload speed of your internet connection. Please make sure you are using an ethernet cable to get explicit results and if your device does not have an ethernet port then perform this test by being near the router. If the speed results you get are too low as compared to promised with you by your Internet Service Provider then call them and book an appointment for them to visit and check.

But don’t worry I am still going to share some proven ways to improve your router Wi-Fi speed. That I have shared below might not work on certain routers because of the old router model So, let’s get started with the methods that will defiantly improve your outer speed.

Router Placement

No matter how good your Wi-Fi router is. Some kind of impediment will always impact the signal strength of your router’s Wi-Fi. In-home environment the most common impediments for Wi-Fi signals are furniture, appliances, floors ceiling, etc. In short, any kind of metallic and magnetic object will deter your router to perform well. Wi-Fi signals have their own wavelength which could easily be interrupted due to any kind of destruction made by your cell phone, Bluetooth speakers, microwaves, etc.

So, the wrong position of your router in the certain surrounds could decrease the efficiency and result in low internet speed. Now the question is where we should place our router and what could be the best possible position for placement in a home-like environment. The best position for the placement of the router is the center of the house. Where each room is easy to access by the router. Do not place the router in the basement or in the attic. More the obstacles in the way of Wi-Fi signal and your device the more it will lose its efficiency. If your router is already placed in the right position but still you are facing the same issue then you must get resolved by a professional.

Switch OFF and ON

This is the most basic hack to resolve your issue. Just switch off your router, modem for 10 seconds and switch back on. Your router might need just a simple restart to be in the right state to give better performance. This is usually not required but as the router is already not performing at optimum, then we must try it once. You could easily this step as it is so easy and simple. You have to just perform this simple trick and observe if it worked for you or not.

If not then there might be some technical glitch due to which your router is not performing at the optimum level as promised by the manufacturer. You could ask for technical support to resolve this issue. Your router has to send and receive the internet signals between the router and your connected device. You must restart your connected device once to check because there might some fault in your connected device instead of your current router or modem. If this method worked for you then you must perform this simple task once a month to make sure you are getting the best output.

Purge Unnecessary Connections

In-home environment, your router might be connected with more than one device. If the number of devices connected with your router is more than three then you must consider this method. The best and simple way to purge all the unnecessary connections in one step is to change your Wi-Fi password. And then you could get back into the Wi-Fi network using a new password.