Today in this article I am going to share some of the vital reasons why the iPhone is far better than Android devices. I am going to explain each and every vital point that makes Apple a better product. There are assumptions that Apple has confined to usage but let me clear that doubt iPhone does not have confinements around using it, It just has better choices in which Android is allowing any crap app to use your personal information and data and then sell it into the deep web.

Apple products are always trusted for its quality and privacy. Whereas Android does allow third-party apps to breach your personal information in some cases your photos and videos. And I think this is not a value for money operating system. Now I am going to share some of the facts that I have experienced with iPhone which are better than Android devices. This is my opinion, it may not resemble yours. So choose wisely

Choose iPhone over Android Because


Have you ever compared these two platforms side by side? If no, let me interpret you why iPhone makes a point here. iPhone smartphones have better processing and multitasking speeds. And there is a substantial reason behind it. Apple builds its own processor and RAM that need to be put into the iPhone. So they do not rely on third-party hardware. This gives Apple a great advantage because in house hardware has unmatched compatibility and reliability compared to Android devices. Android phones use third party hardware to build a phone. The speed factor could make a huge difference in user experience.

Smooth Interface

iOS user interface is so smooth that it makes you addicted. That is why I have seen that if anybody used Apple devices and they have returned back to any other company. Because of the unmatched quality that Apple provides. This is assured that nobody in the market could match the quality of design and products of Apple. The smoother interface allows us to use our device efficiently. Have you ever experience the latest line of Apple, it’s supreme in performance and quality. The Build quality of Apple products could not be matched by any other company.


All Apple products are simple and easy to use. Whereas on the other products of Windows and Android require some acquittance. We love the iPhone’s simplicity and user interface. It gives you a sense of calmness. The simple design allows you to elude from ads and crap which is just marketing pitch.


Releasing and supporting updates for all devices is only done by Apple’s inefficient way. If you are using an old model phone of Apple you also receive the latest updates that are released for new line up. Android does not support the latest updates for all pre-launched devices. All your iPhones qualifies to the latest updates no matter how old your device is. This is the best part about Apple that they do not leave the customer into a rut. Apple is the only company that provides value for money products. Their products are on the expensive side but they pay great dividends in the long term.

The Apple Eco System

Have you ever heard about the Apple Ecosystem? This is a game-changer. If you are using all Apple devices this will amplify your productivity by 10 times. You can seamlessly share the files and data between your all Apple devices. They are always connected and always understand your gestures of work. Everything further syncs to iCould a central storage unit. Where all your data and information is stored online. Apple Ecosystem will not let you go from its product line up because it is so efficient.