The true fact is that there are a number of Content Management Systems available on the internet for free. WordPress is also one of those free CMS, but in this article, I am going to interpret to you why I recommend choosing WordPress over other platforms. If you are not acquainted with what is CMS then let me first clear that question from your mind.

Whats is CMS?

The full form of CMS is the Content Management System. It is the best substitute for building a professional website without having a substantial amount of knowledge about coding and web designing. CMS is built on the context to allow people to create their own website with an ample amount of website designing. In short, if you use CMS to make a website then it will be a lot easier than the traditional way. There are a number of free CMS available on the internet for use. Most of them are open source and provides regular updates with new versions. Below is the list of some of the most popular CMS in the world.

Most popular CMS in the world:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento

So, now to the main question that why WordPress is the best CMS on contrary to other platforms. I am going to share some of the vital points which backs up my reason to choose WordPress over others.

Reasons why you should choose WordPress for your website:

First Reason: WordPress Security

Nowadays there are a lot of bugs and phishing attacks going all over the internet with conscious intention to steal vital data and information from you and sell it on Deep Web. So, your website is vulnerable to all kinds of attacks that could be done using the internet. The reasons behind the attack could lethal sometimes. However, the most trivial step to keep your website intact is to use something which is self-sufficient like WordPress consistently releases new version updates in which previously found bugs and loopholes are eliminated. WordPress plugin inventory has some great plugins like “WordPress Fence” to provide an extra layer of shield from the attacks on your website. Most of the WordPress plugins are free to download and install. So, it will be far easier to protect your website from online attacks and vulnerabilities if you don’t know technical aspects of Databases and Server Protocols.

Second Reason: Free and Open Source

WordPress is absolutely free to use and to make any further modifications. WordPress has the largest community which keep interacting with other users through various forum and community pages. This means in the case are stuck at some point anywhere in WordPress, then chances are there is someone who has already mentioned the steps to resolve the exact same issue. You will be never left out with your concerns. Instead, you will attain great knowledge about problem-solving, coding, and web design. It is the perfect tool to publish your content and drive traffic from the internet without taking the hassle of writing long codes.

Third Reason: Versatility

WordPress gives you the freedom to make any type of website you want without paying anything to anyone. You can use this same platform to build professional website for a company or you can make a portfolio website, Business website, Chatrooms, eLearning class websites, and whatnot. I would rather say that WordPress is like a canvas and it is all upon you how creative thinking you have to make a masterpiece.

The following are the types of websites you build using WordPress:

  • Blog
  • Company / Business Website
  • Forums
  • Portfolios
  • Shopping /E-commerce website
  • Question-Answer type website
  • Donation website

Above are the only few examples that are confined to my experiences, in reality you can make any type of website from the WordPress platform.

Fourth Reason: Easy and Simple Interface

As an admin of the WordPress website, I can assure you that you will make it quick to learn the backend interface. WordPress has clearly labeled everything and made a hierarchy for everything which is required to build a successful website. You do not need to write a single line of code in order to accomplish any task. Everything is like a plug and play. On the lighter note, if you do not find difficult to manage your Facebook account then WordPress is for you. It is that simple and easy. The sky is the limit here, if you are acquainted with coding and web designing skills then you can optimize your website for better. It’s all upon you but as a beginner, there is no need for any kind of coding skills.