WordPress has released its latest version of it’s CMS. The release is called WordPress 5.5. It is just released a few days back and I got the email notification on my email and I am one of those first users to install it on my website. WordPress 5.5 version is packed with a lot of features and improvements. In short, this is going to replace the web page builders in the upcoming 5-6 version upgrades.

This is the major release of WordPress in 2020 so far. Many of the new features are focused on the WordPress block editor. This version includes much-awaited features by all the CMS users. Today, I am going to share what are the latest features in WordPress 5.5 and what loops holes/bugs are eliminated by the company. The update is released and you check now and update your CMS to the newest version of the WordPress. Please make sure your backup must be taken before updating to latest version because sometimes things don’t work out well and you could lose all your data.

WordPress Features and Improvements

Integrated Block Editor Directory

WordPress blog block editor is where you create the content for your users and publish it from there. WordPress consecutively updating its block editor fro the past 2 years. But in this release of the update WordPress has raised the bar and added some astonishing improvements to the block editor. Integrated Block Directory is introduced into a block editor that allows you to add new blocks to your website which are missing before this update. WordPress CMS will suggest you the blocks on the left side of the block editor.

Basically it is just a set of few plugins that allows you to add different blocks to your website without the need to do any coding and designing. It is just like a plug and play. You do not need to install multiple plugins instead you the single WordPress blog editor plugin will help you to do all the block editor related tasks.

UI Improvements in Block Editor

WordPress 5.5 improved user interface by doing visual improvements to the block editor. In a new block editor, the borders are highlighted to make block editor more accessible. The ‘Add new block’ button (+) is now more noticeable and looks more like a button with a black background. The overall look of the block editor has been improved and it’s entrenched with a better user interface.

Edit Images inside Block Editor

This is a great new feature that will allow you to edit images inside the block editor. Now you do not need to installed secondary plugins to do the simple job of basic photo editing in WordPress. In this latest version, the editing feature is entrenched into the block editor. Now you can change the image ratio, scaling, and size too.

Block Patterns

WordPress has introduced a new feature called block patterns. WordPress already had reusable blocks but this new feature all you the blocks for each and every task. Like if you want to add the image banner, there is a block available now to make your job easy. There are pre-configured blocks to quickly drop and installed a new style to your web page.

So, the above are some new features and improvements released in WordPress 5.5 version this year. I will be going to update this article with more suggestions and tricks that will help you to work on WordPress like a pro. Please stay tuned and bookmark this web page to receive the latest updates on WordPress. Thank You!