Hello there, if you want to know how you could migrate the Windows 10 to SSD without reinstalling then you are on the right page. Conventional hard disks are slow to use which eventually impacts on overall system’s performance. No matter you have installed one of the fastest and latest processors and 32 GB RAM. Your processor is the fastest component of your computer hardware, then it comes to RAM and storage space like Hard Disk.

So, if you really want to improve the overall performance and speed of Windows 10 then you must opt for SSD over Hard Disk. Some people are concerned about whether the SSD is the best alternative option for HDD. I would suggest Yes, SSD wins any day over HDD. There is a reason why SSD is more efficient and operates at a higher speed. Like HDD there is no physical moving part in SSD, which explicitly is the one and the only reason it transfers data at a faster rate.

How to Migrate Windows 10 from Hard Disk to SSD

I would suggest you install windows on SSD rather than migrating it from Hard Disk to SSD and I have a reason for that. Cloning will consume around 30-40 minutes to successfully accomplish the migration process. But you could install new windows on SSD in far less time than migrating it. So, you will eventually save time and will have a clean Windows 10 installation for your system. However, this could not be done in case if you have lots of customizations and other stuff which is plodding to reconfigure.

Migrating Windows 10 to SSD (Solid-State Drive)

First of all, you need to choose the right SSD for your system. There are three types of SSD and you have to check which one is compatible with your computer system. Following are the names of SSD’s which could be used to boost your computer system’s overall performance.

  • M.2 SSD;
  • 2.5 INCH SSD;
  • ADD-IN Card SSD.

There are several methods to migrate the already installed Windows 10 from Hard Disk to SSD. I will share all the, it is all upon you which one you want to go with. So, let’s get started right now.

You need to have both SSD and HDD connected with the computer from which you want to clone the Windows 10. If there is a second port available to connect the SSD with compute9r then you could attach the dock.

Migrating using AOMEI Backupper

There several free software available on the internet to accomplish this task but I suggest you use AOMEI Backupper software. It is free to download and use. Allows to easily migrate Windows 10 to SSD.

AOMEI Backupper

I would suggest before going to start with migration, you should make a backup of the current windows 10 computer system as there could be some uncertainties. One unwanted click could result in complete data loss.