If you really want to improve the performance of Windows 10 then you are on the right page. I will help you to improve the overall performance of the operating system. Actually, there are several tips that could eventually make your system to run at a higher pace. Before getting started, I will share some precautions that you have to take before making any changes to your computer system, otherwise, you might lose your data which can not be recovered.

So, as we know there is a significant difference between Windows 10 and its primitive editions like Windows 7 and more. Microsoft has done a fabulous job in Windows 10 by making it clutter-free as compared to Windows Vista. However, there is always some room to make improve computer performance. Make sure you are using a genuine version of Windows as pirated Windows copy installed on your computer system could have potential threats in the long run. So, let’s get started with tips to improve Windows 10 performance, please make sure you have the backup of current Windows 10 and configuration.

Tweaks to Improve Windows 10 Speed

Disable Startup Programs:

Startups programs are this which load in the background without your consent. Some apps always run in the background and you might don’t even know that. So this could eventually result in unnecessary usage of computer resources like CPU, RAM, and Disk. Now, you might be thinking that if kill those background running software would result throw your system into a rut. but that is not the case, here as these programs are rarely used by you. If you want to relaunch that process again in the background you just have to right-click to enable it. Following are the steps to disable startup programs

  1. Launch Task Manager using Shortcut Press (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) at once.
  2. If you are not able to open the task manager using the given shortcut then try to search “task manager” in the Windows search box.
  3. Once the task manager is launched now click on “Startup” in the task manager window.
  4. Under the Startup tab, you would see a list of programs that are set for an automatic startup once Windows boots up.
  5. The startup tab is segregated into options like Name, Publisher, Status, and Startup Impact.
  6. Now you have disabled the programs which are taking many resources on startup. You can check under “Startup Impact”.
  7. Click right on the selected program that you want to disable, and disable it.
  8. Please note that you have to restart your computer system to make these changes saved.

Change Windows 10 Power Settings:

Windows 10 and its primitive versions have the option to manage and control power usage same as power saver mode in Android smartphones. Now by default Windows 10 selected optimum power mode for the computer system. You have to change it to “High Performance” power mode, which does not deter the performance of the computer. But be aware that by settings this configuration your system will consume more power to give maximum performance to you. This could be not right for your system if you don’t have a power source around the corner. Please follow the following steps to change the power settings in Windows 10.

  1. Launch control panel.
  2. Then select Hardware and Sound.
  3. Now click on “power options”.
  4. Now there will be two options Balanced and Power Saver. You have to choose the third one “High Performance” which is hidden.
  5. To select “high performance” power settings you have to click on “Show additional plans”. You can easily find this option under the “Power Saver” option given on the screen.
  6. Now click on the “High Performance” power option and now your computer system/laptop will consume maximum power to produce maximum performance.
  7. Please make sure that by selecting “High Performance” your system will drain the battery at a great pace. So, always use this option when you are near to the power source to charge your laptop.

Shut off Windows Tips and Tricks:

Windows 10 provides kind of assistance according to your usage and tasks you perform in the operating system. This is done to provide you better ways to accomplish your tasks. Regarding the privacy concern, this option should always be off as Windows takes your information and processes it to provide you a better experience while using Windows 10. Following are the to shut off the Windows Tips and Tricks option:

  1. Go to Windows Start Button.
  2. Now click on the “settings” icon.
  3. Then go to System> Notification & actions.
  4. Scroll down to the “Notification” option.
  5. Under “Notification” you will see the “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows”.
  6. Just uncheck that option and you are good to go.

Above are the tips that will help you to resolve Windows 10 concerns. For more articles this like, bookmark our blog and we will keep you informed about the latest news on Windows 10.