I can understand if you don’t want to add a password to your windows 10 operating system. But I always recommend using the password to prevent unauthorized access to your system. If your windows system does not contain any sensitive and confidential files then there is no issue in removing the windows login password. There are simple steps to remove the password from your Windows 10 system.

Before performing this step I request you to take the backup of your system. In some scenarios, people put a password by mistake instead of removing it. So, please follow the steps as given below and do not skip any steps. If you are using the Microsoft account then you can not remove the password entirely. Some of your credentials will be linked with your Microsoft account always to make your Windows activated and working. But still, you can remove the Windows startup and login password according to your convenience.

Steps to remove password from Windows 10

Step 1. Go to “Settings” in your Windows 10

Step 2. Now Click on “Accounts”

Step 3. Further, click on “Your Info”

Step 4. Now click on “Sign in with a local account instead” option in the windows

This is for whom already have logged into Windows 10 using Microsoft account.

Step 5. Now enter your current password set by you.

Step 6. Now click on “Next” button on the bottom right side of the window

Now you have to create a new username for which you do not need to enter the password in order to login to Windows 10

Step 7. Create a username for the new account.

Step 8. Now in this next step, you have to skip the password creation.

Step 9. Click on “Next” option at the bottom right side of the window

Step 10. Click the Sign-out and finish button

Now you have successfully removed the password from your Windows 10. Please make sure these steps will work only for Windows 1o because Windows 8 and Windows 7 has different user interface.