PC vs Laptop the epic battles which never made a truce since the age of the internet is found. Let’s put the Humorist behavior side here and let’s get down to the business. Should I buy a PC or Laptop which would be a better choice? This is the same exact question that comes to your intellectual mind when you are in the state of “Indecision”, in simple words confusion. I can totally understand your situation because I was there for some time when I have to choose the platform from these two.

Today, I am going to help you with this “Indecision” to make it easy to choose. I will share the vital key points which you may get to know once you purchased one of these. This article will clear the doubts about which platform you should choose and why. So, let’s get started.

PC vs Laptop Check Which One Is Best For You

Why are you buying a PC or a Laptop?

Why are you buying a PC or a Laptop

First, you need to make up your mind with clear facts that what are your requirements. Do you need to buy a computing machine for gaming or do you need to buy it for some kind of heavy-duty professional work like; 8k video editing or you just want to make this purchase for your kids due to online classes stigma that corona has given us as a parent. So, the most vital thought here to make your purpose clear because that will assist you to make a better decision without being completely unacquainted with this purchase. Now, I am going to explain each and every important point and interpret them for both platforms.

PC vs Laptop Performance

PC Performance

Your personal computer performance is a vital point to discuss. PC or desktops both always has an ample amount of performance in there inventory to accomplish the tasks. However, if you planning to buy a PC in 2020 then there are tremendous configuration options you can choose from. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that, under PC or Desktops there are two general categories; either you can purchase the prebuilt pc from any prestige company like DELL, HP, or APPLE. The second choice is that you can assemble your customized PC. But if you are not much acquainted with working of cores, threads, GHz, MHz, DDR4, SSD, etc. Then I suggest you opt for prebuilt options. There will a price difference of ± 20% in prebuilt and assembled PC. Whereas assembled PC have little advantage in order of performance in shorter price range as compared to prebuilt computers. I suggest you do not get into assembled PC’s if you don’t know what is what.

Laptop Performance

The current released and upcoming versions of DELL and APPLE laptops lineup are beasts of performance. The new lineup of laptop included NvM.2 SSD which have blazing fast transfer speed, if we talk about CPU performance, the laptop CPU chips have a trivial difference in design and how it consumes power. But do not underestimate the power of laptop CPUs. They are catching up in performance as compared to PC chips. This is obvious that PC has more space and power to give better output. The new generation laptops releasing in 2020 are making the edge over PCs in some parameters. So, laptops also do have great performance and reliability. But there are still cons like thermal throttling in APPLE Macbooks and heating issues due to confined chassis.

Winner: PC

PC vs Laptop Portability

There is no doubt in this comparison that laptops are far more efficient in providing portability and productivity. Why I am saying productivity because you can make your work simpler by taking it to bed, couch, amusement park, football ground, and whatnot. You can make yourself comfortable and still able to continue working on some vital projects. So, I think the best part about laptops is that they are not confined to a perfect setup. And I have experienced as a laptop user that it gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. You can accomplish some important tasks while waiting for someone in a coffee shop.

Winner: Laptop

PC vs Laptop AntiTheft

This is kind of funny that laptops are lest and most prone to theft as compared to PC. I always prefer to use a laptop as my main working station. Because I can place it in some secured space when not required. Even for the office use, I don’t prefer PC, I always use my windows laptop from DELL to do all my office work. This gives me a sense of security that my vital data on the laptop is safe as I can take it anywhere along with me. On the contrary, this is could be seen as negative too because laptops get stolen. But Still, I will prefer the laptops as they are like work buddies that allow me to work on any vital task from anywhere. Whereas PC is confined to proper setup and peripherals. Do not doubt if you want great performance and you are not concerned with portability confinement than there is nothing better option than laptops. For example; great movies are never edited using any laptop because you need muscle to do the professional editing and sound effects work that could only happen with PC performance. Even security companies have a large set of PC systems allotted to do the work. So, in antitheft category laptops can do 50-50. It all depends on which neighborhood you are living in.

Winner: PC

PC vs Laptop Reliability

PC vs Laptop Reliability

Today’s laptops and PC’s both provide great reliability to make any computing job done. So, this is the tye between these two platforms. If you asking for the best reliability and stability as a laptop then I could suggest you go for APPLE Macbook Pro. The Mac operating system has great stability as compared to Windows. If you ask me, I prefer the Windows operating system because I need compatibility with other devices more than stability. Windows do perform well but Linux based Mac operating systems have an edge over Microsoft’s operating system. So, if you want great reliability I suggest you buy APPLE Macbook Pro. There is one other good news that APPLE has decided to build its own processors for their Macbook Pro laptops, so this means we are going to get great performance than previous Mac books at less price.

Winner: both

PC vs Laptop Upgradability

If we consider Apple’s laptop’s lineup than you don’t have many options available. You can buy a higher model but can upgrade RAM, storage in the current laptop you have, so here Apple is out of the game. Now we are left with Windows PCs and Windows Laptop. Up to the straight PCs could be upgraded as far as their motherboard can support the customizability. Where DELL has released new models in the XPS lineup called XPS 15 2020, XPS 17 2020. Both models allow users to upgrade RAM and SSD storage. So, if you are going to buy DELL XPS new laptop models then you are good to go and there are great chances that you may require to change your graphic card, cooling system, etc then I suggest you opt for PC as a computing platform.

Winner: PC

So above, are the four vital points that I think needed to discuss in order to give you better perspective about the PC vs Laptop war. If you have any questions and demand to change any provided information then you could contact us by posting a comment below this article. We will revert back you with respective resolution within 6 hours of time. Thank you!