Most people are not acquainted with the difference between Restart and Reboot. This is one of the most common questions related to Windows and I will illustrate what is the exact difference between both terminologies. We are living in a digital age where our daily personal and professional are not possible without the use of any type of gadget, software, and devices. While using these systems sometimes we need to restart or reboot the system after installing updates or to entrench any changes in the BIOS.

Restart or Reboot What Should I Choose

So, it is very essential for us to know the exact difference between restart and reboot. In the following article, I will explain what is the difference and when to use one of these. So, let’s get to start the article, and let’s improve our wisdom about this topic. This will look smart in front of your competition and friends. Because nobody has asked this question and never wanted to know the difference between these two.

What is a Reboot in Windows?

A reboot is restarting the working machine with a physical switch instead of using software commands in the Windows operating system. There are to types of reboot cold reboot and soft reboot. In the cold reboot, the main power supply is tripped to make the machine shutdown and restart again. This is the type of reboot when you loose the power back up for 1 second in any condition and your pc restart automatically. And soft reboot is when you use the physical switch on the machine to make it restart. This is the main difference between cold and soft reboot methods. There several reasons due to which you have to perform this reboot like after installing utility programs, operating system updates, etc. To make you have to close all programs otherwise you might unsaved data on that software.

How to Reboot Windows PC?

There are two ways to reboot your system as already explained above; cold reboot and sot reboot. The process of cold reboot and a soft reboot is different. Rebooting your system could result in better operating speed. If some software seems to be working slow or consistently crashing then you must reboot your system. The process of rebooting is very simple actually. There are a few steps and shortcuts that you need to follow in order the make your system rebooted successfully. Now I am going to explain both cold and soft reboot steps. Please follow the same as given below.

Cold Reboot: It is also known as Hard Reboot. You make cold reboot you have to press and hold the power button on the computer and it will physically turn off the power of the computer and reboot the system.

Soft Reboot: To perform the soft reboot directly from your keyboard. You need to use shortcuts. Please note that this method of the reboot will only work on Microsoft Windows operating system. Press Alt+ Ctrl+ Delete on your keyboard at the same time to perform the soft reboot.

What is Restart in Windows?

There is not much difference between restart and reboot, both are used to turn off the machine and turn back on. Restart is also a kind of reboot. Actually it is the first step of a reboot. When the user closes all running applications and reboots the pc using restart option in the windows that is called as a restart. You might have noticed that when you have installed new software or any other update, windows automatically asks for restart your pc. That is what restarts are.

How to Restart using Keyboard in Windows?

  1. Go to desktop of your computer.
  2. Now from the keyboard press Alt+F4 together.
  3. A dialog box will appear on the screen.
Restart PC using Keyboard

Click on the drop-down menu and select “Restart” and then click on the Ok button and your computer will restart.

Restart Windows 10 Computer through the Start Menu