To attain great success in professional life you always need to depend upon some of the tools. As we know we all need computing power in our jobs and to achieve set business goals. The two best players in this game are Apple and Microsoft. Both provide operating systems and devices to do moderate to expert level computing tasks. You need to push harder yourself in order to get the best results in business.

Top 10 Productivity Applications for Windows

Right tools always a task more easy and effective in results. Especially, Microsoft is entrenched in providing and creating tools that increase our productivity and performance. Some of the great tools provided by Microsoft are Mircosoft teams, OneNote, Whiteboard, Outlook, and whatnot. If you don’t know what are productive tools then let me do the interpretation first. Productive tools are software that helps you to improve your performance in personal life as well as in professional life.

Best Productive Softwares for Windows

1. Gmail

Gmail is email services provided by Google incorporation for free. You can create your Gmail account with a few simple steps. Gmail also has a smartphone app that supports both platforms Apple and Android. Gmail has some great features like it has three sections that segregate the emails according to their niche. So, that will great time saver as you don’t have to filter the emails manually.

2. Microsft Office 365

Microsoft is doing a great job in developing productivity tools for businesses and personal use. Office 365 is it’s one of the most useful tools that I have. It always makes presentations for business meetings, college projects, client relations, etc. Under Office 365 there are several small tools that have indigenous features to improve your daily personal and professional life. After it is all pon you that how well you know to use the tool and how you implement that computing to make your life better.

3. Google Photos

Google photos is also a product from the Google incorporation lineup. This is also developed and designed by Google to store, edit, and view photos online. if you are into photography or some kind of graphic related work then you must check out Google photos at least once. It allows you to store High-Definition images that loosing their RAW quality. You can access those images from were using the Google account.

4. Opera

Opera is one of the best web browsers available on the internet. Personally has great features and provides an astonishing user experience while internet surfing. Opera has paved a way for new browsers like Google Chrome to be more efficient. It is available for both operating systems Mac and Windows. Opera has mouse gestures than any other web browser on the internet. The mouse features will help you to work on a web browser like a pro.

5. Wunderlist

In simple words, Wunderlist is a to-do-list app that helps to schedule tasks for your day. It is cramped with all productivity-boosting features. You can share your tasks list with anyone. You can also make a task list for your business or team and share them with them directly from the dashboard of the app.

6. KMPlayer

This is of the best video players with whom you can adorn your windows. KM Player supports almost every media file format ever created or used. It also supports 2k, 4k, and 8k video resolutions on the player. 8k video files need substantial resources of your pc to make the job done. It is updated consistently with new features and version release by the company. To get the best out of this player you can create and establish libraries and enjoy free movies to watch.

7. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the best web browser on the internet right now and there are several reasons to back this statement. It is most stable web browser I have ever used. I could open up to 100+ tabs in the web browser without losing any vital data. For sure Google Chrome takes a lot of computer resources like RAM but you can resolve this issue by upgrading your RAM.

8. Bitdefender Total Security

This is an Antivirus. I would like to say this is the best Antivirus you could ever have in your windows machine. This will cost you around $100 a year but the features and security firewall provided by this software is top-notch. I have used various Antivirus software some paid and some free. But I have come to the conclusion that this is the best Antivirus software that you can ever have. I highly recommend you but the paid version as it includes all features and control options which are vital for secured system.

9. GlassWire

GlassWire is the software that tracks your internet activity. It will allow you to see which software in pc is accessing which serves, from which IP address and country. There are some cool features in this tool that will help you to overall surveillance of your network. It has feature which keeps tracks of how your data you consumed in downloading and uploading. And I think it is a great software if you really want to know who is accessing your pc through the internet.

10. Mozilla Thunderbird

If you are multiple email accounts and you have to check emails all the time then this is the best tool for you. Mozilla Thunderbird allows us to manage multiple email accounts in single window. You can check new emails, previous emails, sent boxes, drafts and you can even write emails from the same dashboard. I can assure you that this will make your life easier than before.