This is the most common question that most of the time ask me how they could sign out from the Play Store in Android easily. Is that because Google has not provided the sign out option in Android? No, yes you can sign out from the app store. I will share the steps to guide you to log out from your Google account on Android.

There are several steps to perform this simple task, I have share three methods to sign out from your Android Play Store. Google sync apps and settings associated account. Signing out is a little bit tricky contrary to creating a new account for the Android Play Store. First proceeding with the steps you must make sure that you will lose all the settings and apps cache once Play Store is logged out.

How to log out from Play Store

These steps will work on the latest smartphones only because the older versions might have a different design or alternative names for the sign out option in your device. So make sure you are performing these steps on one of the latest smartphones.

First Method

Android has given the single option to sign out from the Google Play Store account. All apps and data are automatically synced with your Google account. The following steps will guide you to “how to sign out from Play Store:

  1. First, unlock the device and go to “Settings” in the menu.
  2. Now Tap on the gear icon.
  3. Under settings, option go to the Account section and tap on other accounts option.
  4. Now you will see the list of the accounts, you have to tap on the Google account that you want to eliminate from your device.
  5. Once proceeded further Google accounts synced with the device will be listed on the display.
  6. Tap on the selected account with Google Play Store.
  7. Now the list of apps will be displayed which are linked with the account.
  8. The final step is to tap on the more More option at the end and tap on the Remove account option.

This is the first method to disconnect the Google account with your device, and you will be signed out from Google Play Store.

Second Method

However, there are several apps available on the internet which could help you out to sign out from your Google account but I do not recommend using them. As they might access your information.

  1. Go to the Play Store and tap on the “Log out” app in the search bar.
  2. Now click on Log out.

This action will sign out you from all the accounts on the device, including the Play store

Third Method

If you are still facing the same issue of not being able to sign out then I request you to try this method as the last option. In this method, I will share the steps to log out from the Google Play Store using a web browser. For this, you need to have a desktop and a fine working internet connection.

  1. Open a web browser on your computer.
  2. Now open this link
  3. You need to sign in with the same Google account which you want to eliminate from Google Play Store.
  4. You will able to list the devices logged in with your Google account.
  5. Now click on the device, you want to elude.
  6. Click on Sign out.
  7. Confirm the Sign Out.

I hope all the above-given steps would able to resolve your issue and if you are still facing any issue or need more help on this topic then you could contact the professional to do it for you. To stay acquainted with all the latest updates and news associated with this topic then bookmark our website.